Monday, 21 July 2014

START – Danube Region Project Fund 
START is a new pilot initiative of the EUSDR and provides Seed Money for the development and implementation of Danube Region projects. Seed Money means that beneficiaries receive an early pre-financing in order to cover the project expenses from the beginning. This helps especially small organisations with limited resources to START their projects.
START is coordinated by PAC 10 (Priority Area Coordination 10 of the EUSDR) of the City of Vienna, with the involvement of all Priority Areas. EuroVienna ensures the operational implementation of the Facility.
The total allocation to START amounts to € 900.000,-, financed for 95% by the European Commission and for5% by the City of Vienna. The implementation of START will run until the end of 20162 calls for project proposals are foreseen.
Basic principles to be eligible for START funding:
  • Projects located in the entire Danube Region:
    • EU Member States: Germany (Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria), Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia;
    • EU Accession Countries: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and
    • Non-EU Countries: Moldova and Ukraine (part of the country located in the Danube Region).
  • In principle, projects must involve at least two partners from two EUSDR countries.
  • Eligible applicants are public or private organisations with legal personality (no individuals). START is especially designed for small institutions, non-governmental and civil society organisations.
  • Projects which address topic(s) from at least one of the Priority Areas (PA) of the EUSDR:
  • Projects must be of public interest and have a macro-regional impact.
  • Project duration: up to one year.
Detalii despre program pot fi vizualizate la următorul link.

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