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Apelul "Clustere pentru proiecte și instituții științifice" a fost lansat

'Twinning Grants' will be implemented as a funding instrument within the IncoNet EaP. These grants represent one of the core project activities. Twinning itself has a long tradition in Europe as a successful and efficient instrument in capacity building processes.
With regard to the IncoNet EaP the specific objectives of the twinning instrument are:
  1. to increase the participation of EaP countries in EU calls,
  2. to reveal and select tandems of European and regional partners with the strongest collaboration potential and huge experience in the preparation and carrying out of EU projects, and
  3. to support the information exchange among partners (travel costs, staff exchange, preparation of workshops), and
  4. the concrete preparation of thematic proposals.

Call information

Call Objectives
The main goal of the twinning action is to enhance mutual learning, to strengthen cooperation between the EU member states and the EaP countries and to plant the seed for sustainable scientific, technological and innovation EU-EaP projects.

Therefore this call will embrace three innovation related topics on societal challenges which are:
  • Climate change
  • Health
  • Energy
Call Budget and Call Modalities
The total budget of the call in IncoNet EaP is EUR 144.000.
Twinning teams will be supported with up to 10.000 EUR per application.
The grant can cover the following expenses:
  1. Travel expenses (flight and transport in economy/2nd class)
  2. Daily allowance/ accommodation
  3. Technical and/or logistical support for event preparation (e.g. organisation of workshops, catering)
  4. Temporary staff (e.g. students, junior scientists for the event preparation, data analysis etc.)
The budget will not cover salaries for permanent staff.
Co-financing of the proposed activities from own or attracted sources is welcomed.
For further questions please also refer to the Guide to Financial Issues relating to FP7 Indirect Actions as provided by the European Commission:
Eligible Applicants and Project Consortium
Participants in the call can be:
  • Project coordination and consulting organizations with experience in bilateral and multilateral cooperation between EU MS/AC and countries of the EaP
  • Universities
  • Research Institutes
  • Companies with RTD activity and expertise related to the scientific fields of the 3 Societal Challenges (see above)
A project consortium must comprise at least three partners who form a twinning team of which one partner is necessarily from an EU member state and one from a country of the EaP. One of the team members must be designated as 'Coordinator'. The budget will be administered by a (the) European research institution within the twinning team. This institution (e.g. the coordinator of the project) is to be indicated in advance.

The Inco EaP project will only support proposals that imperatively include visits of 1-2 representatives of partner organizations to each other in order to strengthen long-term cooperation, discussion of project ideas, sharing skills and best practice and developing their staff.
In order to offer a quick and flexible approach the call will be continuously open from May 2014 until March 2016. The duration of a project shall be handled in a scope of 12 months maximum.
The final call deadline is 31.03.2016. Applications will be accepted continuously as long as a funding budget in IncoNet EaP is available.

Download for Applicants


IncoNet EaP Central Information Office at
German Aerospace Center | Project Management Agency
European and International Cooperation
Heinrich-Konen-Str. 1
D-53227 Bonn | Germany
Dr Kirsten Kienzler 
phone: +49 228 3821-1458  
Dr Hendrik Meurs
phone: +49 228 3821-1944

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